What is WallyBoard?

Wallyboard is a customized Android based tablet, specially designed to empower individuals with cognitive disabilities to remain an active participant within their daily lives by providing real time useful information in an intuitive and interactive platform. Wallyboard allows friends, family and caregivers the ability to interact with loved ones through our animated mascot "Wally".

What is WallyBoard?

Let me introduce myself.

Hello, my name is Wally. I am 83 years young, a potato farmer in my earlier days, and I currently live in an assisted living facility. I have gained a lot of wisdom in my days, wisdom that I would like to share with you. If you ever need any help, I am always willing to lend a hand.

Sometimes I get confused...

Just like you sometimes I forget simple things like what time is it? Do I need to take my medication? What time is the baseball game and what channel can I find it at. These questions confuse and sometimes upset me... I never had a problem with this before and it seems to happen more often than I would like...

WallyBoard helps the elderly with confusion.
WallyBoard improves quality of life.

My WallyBoard helps!

All I have to do is take a quick look at my WallyBoard - everything I need is right there! It has everything I need to know, right when I need it. When I woke up, my WallyBoard told me it was Monday morning, breakfast would be pancakes, and I have a doctors appointment at 3PM. I still forget sometimes, but my WallyBoard is always there for me.

How does WallyBoard work?

Our WallBoard Android tablet PC talks directly to our online portal system. This system syncs various datapoints from mulitple intergrations, as well as custom information entered by living facilities, friends, families, doctors and caregivers. Wally can be used as a standalone tool or it can be used in a group setting among an entire facility.

WallyBoard is an Android base digital assistant

Current WallyBoard Features

WallyBoard started off a very simple time telling device, but has since grown into a full feature rich application suite - below is a small section of what you can currently do. New tools and applications are steadily added as WallyBoard continues to grow.

Daily Reminders

Our daily reminders are time responsive - we'll tell you beforehand on upcoming tasks.

Recurring Memos

Garbage day is today. Bridge game on Friday - with our scheduleing tools, you'll never miss out again.

Meal Schedules

Intergrating custom or facility meal plans is a snap. Know exactly what and when your next meals will be.

Time of Day

Is the sun rising or is it setting? Your WallyBoard will always make sure you know.

Local Weather

Should you wear a sweater? Or is it time to put on the galoshes? Wally pinpoints your current location and lets you know!

Television Schedules

There is nothing worse than missing your favorite television program. Let Wally tell you when & where the big game is on!

Interactive Games

Staying entertained is important. With our interactive games, we'll fight off boredome while keeping you mentally sharp.

Remote Administration

Control your WallyBoard from anywhere in the world. We'll also keep you informed on critical technical diagnostics.